2.2L Paraffin Wax Heater

2.2L Paraffin Wax Heater


  • INSULATION PERFORMANCE AND LOW MELTING POINT: combining traditional method of waxing with modern technology, this wax heater can remove hairs, spots and blemishes by applying paraffin wax directly to warm, solidify automatically, squeeze and smooth skin, for the paraffin wax
  • PROPER TEMPERATURE: can achieve good beauty effects,suitable to heat waxing beans, tin wax, depilatory wax and paraffin wax,environmental insulation board can prevent the skin from touching the base of container without burning your skin
  • HAND AND FOOT SKIN CARE: heated nutritional wax can help moisturize deep skin, remove aging keratinocytes, improve rough and dry skin, promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue,the skin will become healthy and smooth after waxing treatment,can be used in combination electric heated beauty hand mitts
  • HAIR REMOVAL WAX HEATER POT: removing unwanted hairs in hand, foot, elbow, arm, leg, armpit and bikini line easily, quickly and conveniently without irritation or harm to skin, spots and blemishes for skin beauty,hot wax doesn’t need stripping, just need after cool down then peel off
  • – PERFECT TOOL: for professional or home use,a see-through lid can prevent wax contamination and is convenient for you to observe the state of wax in the container without opening it



  •  Color: White+Green
  • Voltage : 110 V-120 V/220 V-240 V
  • Frequency : 50 Hz/60 Hz
  • Power : 200 W
  • Capacity: 2.2L
  • Material: ABS+Allumiumn  tank
  • Product size: 36*24*16 (cm)
  • Suitabe for all skin
Usage  application:

 Usage of Hand Care:

– Cut the hand wax into small pieces and put it in the wax heater.

– Apply it to your hands with the brush after being melted, and you can put your hands into the wax liquid if you can resist high temperature.

– Wrap your hand with plastic wrap or disposable plastic gloves after finishing applying, then wear insulated gloves for better effect.

– Peel off the wax after 20-30 minutes and apply hand cream.

Usage of Facial Care:

– Cleanse your face.

– Apply nutrition, eye and spot cream to your face, eyes around and spots skin.

–  Cover the face (not including nostrils and lips) with gauze of the same size as face while keep.

–  Test the temperature by applying the melted wax to the inside part of arm, then apply 2-3 layers of wax liquid to the gauze, including neck.

– Peel off wax in 15-20 minutes.

–  Apply facial lotion and cream after cleansing the wax.

Usage of Depilatory Wax:
  •  – Heat the depilatory wax to make it become liquid with proper temperature.
  •  – Keep skin clean and dry with skin care products.
  •  – Apply a thin and even layer of depilatory wax liquid from the same direction of hair growing with hair removal rod.
  •  – Stick the wax paper and press gently back and forth to make the paper, wax and hairs stuck together tightly.
  •  – Tear off the wax paper quickly from the reverse direction of hair growing.
  •  – Clean skin and apply skin care products.


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